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Faba Konzepte stands for the transformation of our food system. We promote the reduction of animal agriculture, and just, plant-based diets for all. By publishing studies and policy papers, organising events and other outreach activities, we influence the public debate around animal use and consumption. We connect stakeholders from science, praxis, politics and civil society and we support progressive changes from below.


The transformation of the agriculture and food system offers a tremendous opportunity to counter the climate catastrophe and to place our dealings with each other and with our fellow creatures on a new footing. We must not let this opportunity pass us by.

Fünf Gründe für den Ausstieg aus der Tierindustrie

Conference 17.–19. November 2023 in Berlin

Animal numbers down, but with fairness!

Strategies for the socio-ecological transformation of agriculture

In 2023, Germany remains a stronghold of meat and milk production, even though the disastrous effects have long been known: greenhouse gases, animal suffering, health risks, global injustice – the list of problems is big and the need for action is bigger. At the same time, farmers also urgently need positive prospects.

What does "Faba" actually mean?

"Faba" is the Latin word for "bean".

It is also found in the botanical name of the field bean: "Vicia faba".

The “faba bean”, also known as “broad bean”, along with many other legumes, are great plants for transforming the food system. Although legumes aren’t grown for human consumption as much as they used to be, and nowadays are too often used as animal feed, they have the potential to make a healthy contribution to the human protein requirements. So faba is not just a real power bean, it also stands for change, future viability and huge potential!

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