Support and funding

Faba Konzepte is financed by project-related grants and by individuals who provide regular and one-time donations.

Donate to Faba Konzepte

Together for a plant-based food system

We need your donation to help us continue our work and to grow the organisation. In this way, you can help effectively promote the reduction of animal farming and a positive food transition! You can support us with a regular or one-time donation, and as a charitable, non-profit organisation, we can issue donation receipts (to set off against tax in EU countries). If you have made a donation and require a receipt, please send us your name and postal address by e-mail to


Account holder Faba e.V.

IBAN DE44 8309 4495 0003 5200 21


Bank EthikBank

Reason for payment Spende Faba

Become a supporting member of Faba Konzepte

You want to support us permanently?

Regular financial contributions is one of the best ways you can help support our work. By becoming a supporting member and making a regular donation you can help finance new positions and start new projects.

You can choose your own contribution level starting with 5 € per month. You can also choose between monthly, quarterly or annual payments. The contribution is tax deductible in the EU and possibly other countries (check with your local tax office).

If you’d like to become a supporting member, please drop us an email at

Bastet Stiftung Hamburg

Faba Konzepte is currently receiving start-up funding from the Bastet Foundation Hamburg.

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