Our Projects

On this page we present what we are currently working on. Further projects in the areas of agricultural and food policy are already being planned.

What options are there beyond animal husbandry to create economic and ecological prospects for farms? What do farmers need to convert their farms? Faba Konzepte analyses the challenges of farm transformation, organises events and networks stakeholders.
Faba Konzepte provides information on the benefits of a plant-based diet in online modules. These are published in cooperation with NAHhaft e.V.. Argumentation workshops based on this information support people who are committed to the food system transformation.
Faba Konzepte develops studies and concept papers to promote the transformation of the food system with arguments and practical proposals. Our previous publications can be found here.
Faba Talks is a series of online events discussing the transformation of the food system. In Faba Talks we offer a space to share knowledge, gain new input and ask questions through talks, discussions and conversations. All from the comfort of your own home.

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